Ten D by Night

TEN D = Drugs, Dance, Disco, Dose, Drugs, Drive, Danger, Damage, Disability and Death

The strategic aim of the TEN D project was to outline a European tactic that would contribute to reducing the number and seriousness of roads accidents.   The main focus being the casualties involving young people that occur during weekends, connected to the consumption of alcohol or psychoactive substances.
In order to achieve this, we carried out the following actions:

1)  Dissemination of informative and awareness-raising material
2)  Setting up information stands in young people’s recreational meeting places
3)  Conducting an anonymous survey
4)  Performing anonymous alcohol/substance tests
5)  Measuring driver reaction times and comparing the results with the data from the survey and the alcohol/substance tests.

Responsible Young Drivers has organized 17 TEN D actions in nightclubs and festivals all over Belgium and in The Netherlands. RYD volunteers raised youth awareness regarding the risks of driving under the influence. The volunteers welcomed people at the entrance of the party, offering a reacto-test that measures their reaction time, a breathalyzer and an anonymous survey on the topic. When the partygoers left, they participated in another reaction test, alcohol test, but also an anonymous drug test. These tests allowed us to collect useful data.

To find the list of our 17 TEN D actions, feel free to click on the following

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A study on consumption in young recreational settings in relation to road accidents was conducted.  This data helps define better intervention policies at both national and community levels: Download the Final Manual collecting all the data