The general objective of the project ROSYPE (Road Safety for Young People in Europe), coordinated by Michelin, is to launch a European wide road safety awareness and education campaign for road users between the age of 6 and 25. The project aims to influence young road user’s behaviour by approaching teaching in a new way, with new information technologies and public awareness campaigns.
ROSYPE focused on the most vulnerable road-users and targeted an audience open to changing their behaviour. To achieve this, we focused on three activities related to the different issues confronting youth that emerged from past experiences:

  • First, we focused on raising children’s awareness towards the dangers of the road starting from age six and onwards by directly introducing the subject of road safety in the school curriculum.
  • Next, young people over the age of 12 were to be trained as full participants in road safety as the riders of two-wheel vehicles
  • Finally, young adults were made aware of different forms of dangerous driving habits by means of activities simulating real road accident conditions.

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