PEER – Drive Clean!

« PEER – Drive Clean! » is an innovative project for young adults between the ages of 18 and 24.  The project addresses drink-drug driving prevention. PEER – Drive Clean! gives a new dimension to driving lessons : each student participates in a group discussion for about an hour. Ten to fifteen people from the same age group discuss a common subject: driving under the influence of psychoactive substances or alcohol.

The aim is to imagine situations in which we combine the use of substances and driving. Two RYD volunteers lead the discussion, which takes place in driving schools all around Belgium.

PEER-Drive Clean! was created in Saksen Anhalt (Germany) in 2000. As we face the same type of problems in every European country, they decided to extend the project in 2006 to 10 European countries. PEER-Drive Clean! is supported by the European Commission, who funds the research and training of volunteers. Responsible Young Drivers was chosen to launch this project in Belgium.