Open Youth

Through the 3rd of December to the 10th of December 2007, seven Responsible Young Drivers went to Vurshets, Bulgaria and participated in an international youth exchange on road safety.

Responsible Young Drivers was invited by their Bulgarian partner, the Open Youth Association.

The other participants were from Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.

During one week, about 40 youngsters participated in various debates and activities to exchange their knowledge and experiences in the field of road safety.

In order to benefit from the multiculturalism of the participants, most of the activities were completed in international teams. Among those activities, they had to film mini videos on road safety. The youngsters helped write the script, filmed scenes and assembled the film. Some of the teams chose to speak about “driving under influence”, other focused on the failures of road safety in Bulgaria.

Every country produced an exhibition about road safety in their country. The aim was to have a global view of the similarities and differences existing between the different systems.

Every evening, a team organized a cultural evening and presented their country to the other participants, through various activities and the tasting of local specialties.
This was a useful experience in the field of road safety and culturally rewarding.