New Year’s Designated Driver Service

We are best known for our New Year’s Designated Driver service.   This project gives everyone the opportunity to ring in the New Year safe and sound.

How? Our volunteers drive people back home in their own vehicle. They are on call all night (12 a.m to 8 a.m). A phone number is made available and anyone can call the volunteers appointed to their region.

It’s simple and efficient, our operator receives the call and transmits it to the right person and we then dispatch an RYD vehicle with two volunteers to the caller’s location. When they arrive, they make sure that the vehicle’s papers are in order, one of the volunteers drives the caller back home and the other volunteer follows in the RYD car to pick up the first volunteer.

This isn’t our only initiative on New Year’s Eve, we also suggest other possibilities:

  • sleep over
  • use public transport
  • call a cab