The “Courtesy On EUropean Roads” (COEUR) project highlights courtesy and intercultural dialogue on our roads. This positive behavior should become the socially accepted norm in traffic.
The road is probably the most complex system every citizen uses on a daily basis. Hostility towards other road users –verbal or physical– is a leading factor of insecurity. The COEUR project used the TNS Opinion “European survey: Courtesy on the Road” conducted upon the request of RYD as a starting point for a “production and realization” project in 5 Member States.

Users of our roads are not only limited to citizens of our country, but also include citizens from other Member States as well as from outside the EU, who use our roads for their jobs or during their holidays. These citizens have their own habits, which other road users often misunderstand.
The partners’ volunteer network will be actively involved in spreading the message of courtesy and intercultural dialogue on our roads; thus ensuring the proliferation of the COEUR project.
The symbols to promote courtesy will be the heart (“COEUR”) and the smiley face.
Special attention will be given to disabled people, pedestrians and cyclists, often the most vulnerable road users.
The COEUR project is co-funded by the “Europe for Citizens” Program of the European Commission.