Breathalyzers and Drug Tests

These awareness campaigns take place each week, mostly during the weekend at events, private parties, night clubs, company events, etc…

Upon arrival, our volunteers encourage each group to choose a “designated driver”, who agrees to make a promise: he commits to remaining sober in order to drive back home safely. The volunteers ask the “designated drivers” to wear a bracelet, so that they are easily recognized.

When the “designated drivers” leave the nightclub, we present them with a breathalyzer and/or a drug test to check if they have honoured their commitment. If this is the case, the “designated drivers” are rewarded with samples from our partners and sponsors. If they are not safe to drive, we encourage the person to leave his/her car or to hand the keys over to a sober friend.

Our goal is to avoid being repressive.  We prefer talking things out with the group, so that we can find a reasonable solution and get them home safely.