AlcoVision Goggles

Alcohol can affect your vision without you even realizing it, RYD’s volunteers go to events, schools and safety days to inform and show youth that alcohol and driving don’t mix. To demonstrate,  volunteers use AlcoVision Goggles and set up an obstacle course with cones.  This activity helps  young people understand the different effects of impaired driving. People are zigzagging, making hasty moves, going over the boundaries, knocking over the cones…  They realize, through the goggles that without even drinking one glass of alcohol, everything is different and out of control.

The effects of alcohol on our system are often underestimated:

  • Alteration of vision (visibility decreases)
  • Alteration of movements
  • Alteration of reflexes
  • Alteration of behaviour
  • Difficulty of recognition
  • Underestimating elements such as speed and distance
  • Feeling invincible, mighty and then taking useless risks

Our AlcoVision Goggles are used to show the consequences of alcohol induced impaired vision: loss of balance, bad estimation of distances and speed, double vision etc…

Different types of goggles are available, making the activity even more efficient:

  1. The first one simulates a blood alcohol level between 0,7 % and 1,0 % (approximately 4 beers)
  2. The second one simulates a blood alcohol level between 1,7 % and 2,0 % (from 6 to 8 glasses of alcohol)
  3. The third one simulates a blood alcohol level higher than 2,5 % (more than enough)
  4. A night version of these goggles is also available. The users find themselves experiencing an accurate reproduction of weekend nights.