The Alcokart is a revolutionary and highly impressive RYD activity.

It may look like a regular kart, but it is in fact an efficient educational tool that demonstrates the risks of impaired driving. This tool allows young drivers, and future drivers, to experiment what
impaired driving feels like, by mimicking the effects of alcohol while driving. The kart is equipped with an on-board computer which, upon activation, makes the machine react the way a vehicle would if the driver were under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Before entering the vehicle, an introduction is given by the young volunteers. They ask the driver to wear a helmet as well as safety googles.   A cone race of about 1.000 m² is set up. In the
beginning, the drivers make a few rounds in “sober mode” at a speed between 5 and 10 km/h. A transmitter allows the RYD volunteer, standing in the middle of the race, to put the simulator in “impaired mode” and control the machine.  Using this mode, the kart reacts as if the driver were drunk: slow reaction time, clumsy gestures, not braking on time … Obviously all of this causes the kart to crash into the cones. At the end of the test, the volunteers explain to the drivers that despite being in full control of the kart by sitting behind the wheel, they were unable to stay on the road due to the simulated effects of alcohol.

This tool is convenient in creating awareness amongst people who still think that alcohol and/or drugs are not obstacles to driving.

“Because life is too beautiful…”