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European Day of Courtesy on the Road

European Day of Courtesy on the Road (EDCR) is an original awareness campaign aiming to improve the behaviour of all road users across Europe on the long term.

A yearly EDCR pre-campaign invite citizens, schools, companies, government and other stakeholders to participate to the event and to disseminate road safety messages. The poster is common to all participants in Europe.

Next to this campaign, a European study on “courtesy on the road” took place done in 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria. In this study, TNS Opinion analyzed “aggressive driving behavior” in the population by interviewing 500 people from each country. The results of this study have been presented to the public and the media within the EDCR campaign by each partner on the 20th of March 2008.

EDCR is based on best practice developed in France by AFPC since 2001 and tested with proven success in Portugal and Belgium in 2007. The EDCR 2008 campaign was organised in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Greece.