============== Responsible Young Drivers ==============


The Alcokart is a revolutionary and highly impressive RYD’s activity…
It may look like a regular kart, but is in fact an educational tool very efficient to explain the risks of impaired driving. This new tool allows young drivers, and future drivers, to experiment what impaired driving feels like, by simulating the dangers of the effect of alcohol while driving. This kart is equipped with an in-board computer which, when it is activated, makes the machine react with a short time-lag so that it gives a similar result as when driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Before entering into the vehicle, an introduction is given by the young volunteers. They also put an extra safety message across, asking the driver to wear an helmet as well as safety glasses. An easy circuit of about 1.000 m² is build with cones. In the beginning, the drivers make a few rounds in “normal mode” at a speed between 5 and 10 km/h. A transmitter allows the Responsible Young Driver’s volunteer, standing in the middle of the circuit, to put the simulator in “impaired mode” and keep a control on the machine. Through this mode, the kart is reacting as if the driver would have been drunk: slower reactions, overreacting gestures, late breaking,... which will obviously drive and crash the kart into the demarcating cones on the sides. At the end of the test, the volunteers explain to the driver that despite he was all the time in full control of the kart by sitting behind the wheel, he was unable to stay on the road due to the alcohol he had been drinking.

This tool is really convenient nowadays to sensitize people who still think that alcohol and/or drugs are not an obstacle to drive.
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